Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Going inside the Vizio CN15-A1

Tools required:
1 x T5 Torx screwdriver
1 x Phillips #00 screwdriver

Wi-Fi Adapter
Bare CPU and GPU

With cover off

Battery 6900mAh and status LED right below

Heat pipe and exhaust fan
Close up of copper plate and pipes

The internals are very accessible by removing just 6 Torx screws. The heatpipes are very thin and the fan is loud. The fan does not seem to have any profiles as it likes to spin at full rpms or stay off during idle.

I replaced the thermal compound with MX-2 and it dropped the GPU and CPU temperature by 3C. This allowed the temperature to go below 40C when idle and the fan turned off, but as soon as the CPU ramped up it made the fan go back to 100% then back down. This behavior kept going on with anything running or opening that utilized the CPU at all. Definitely needs a firmware update!

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  1. I'm really wondering is the CPU soldered or socketted (could be pulled out from the motherboard)?