Thursday, August 4, 2011

BMW ConnectedDrive and BMW iPhone Apps

BMW has released a new version of their iDrive system for models 2009 and later. The newest iteration is referred to as CIC: Car Infotainment Computer. Cars with a production date after March 2011 also have the $250 option of adding BMW APPS. The BMW Apps option is internally referenced as 6NR. With the 6NR option you are able to integrate your iPhone with the car's iDrive. You can also purchase a cradle from BMW which lets you augment the phone's antenna reception with a system in the car, although there are no technical details about this feature anywhere. One of the highlights is Pandora. Once you install Pandora on your phone and connect to the iDrive via USB then you will see the following screen: The Pandora iPhone application can then be controlled via the iDrive screen and controller. BMW has also created its own iPhone application called BMW Apps. This application has Facebook, Twitter and Shoutcast radio stations. All the data and music is accessed via the Phone's data connection. In theory you could use an iPod if you had widespread wi-fi coverage. At the moment there are no Android implementations.

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